Picture Gallery and Promotions

Here are a few pictures and promotions I have from shows over the years. I hope to be expanding this page a lot more in the near future.


Living Room (during COVID lockdown) Promo

A promo shot from during the early weeks of COVID when I was playing live shows via Instagram.

Guitar Promo

A generic shot I've for flyers / promos.

Porch Crew Promo

A good shot from a promo session for "The Porch Crew", a cover band I was in with Cary Crichlow of Plaid Sandwich and his siblings Robby and Catherine.

Slam Jams Surf Rock Night

From "A Night Of Surf Rock" event at (the now defunct) SLam Jams in Solon, also featuring MJ of Plaid Sandwich.

A view with some of the crowd

Early Slam Jams Show

A pic of a 2008 show at Slam Jams in Solon.

On with MJ of Plaid Sandwich.

And a favorite from that night.

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