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Here is some old content that used to occupy this space...

And if you want a reaaaaall throwback, I kept a copy of my old old site from back in 20- *ahem* a while ago.



Do you like chill music, good company, and shots on shots on shots? Then you're in the right place...Hi, I'm THE Crazy James, and if you bring me a shot of whiskey, I'll happily play you the best damn freebird you've ever heard!


2020.03.24 Too much corona and I can't perform!

So thanks to this strange disease all my current shows* have been suspended, however:

*I will be broadcasting on Instagram Live this saturday, during my usual time slot, for all my fans who, like me, are stuck at home.

Stay safe, my friends!


2019.10.13 New(ish) Site

Figured the website was looking a little dated, so now it looks like this.

I also made an Instagram.

Also, check out for a good time. ;-)


Insanity In The Homestead

Hey everyone, long time, no update! I want to make sure you all check out my good friend Allie Davis! She made my roomey take a Beyonce quiz, and it's gone NUTS!!!


FIF is rocking the Cleveberg hard!

My high school homies band, now called Falling Into Fire after an *ahem* campfire incident, has been rocking out hard and recording almost non stop back home in the 440! Check out thier Facebook, YouTube Channel, and New Website!


So I Guess I Have A Bar Now

Hi, friends! If you haven't heard, I'm running a new bar here in Oxford, called "The Corner," hit me up and check it out!


Undatable Friend Lands A Hot Date

I just want to extend a quick congrats to my friend Rick Glassman for landing a role on the new show, "Undateable"!


Elysium Vids Online!

Aloha, porch crew and super tough guys alike! I FINALLY got around to uploading the first four Elysium songs to YouTube! Without further delay, here they are:



Be Afraid

Music Transportation


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