Hello, Old Friends!

So after some late night text messaging and a few trips down memory lane, I've been working on compiling what materials I have leftover from the golden age of ELYSIUM. As I find more, I will post it up here, as well as maybe have a few new additions, as we go along. Enjoy!



As I uncover old and forgetten mp3's, cd's, pictures and other recordings and what not, I will add them on this page.

In the mean time, here are the couple song from out first album I uploaded to youtube a few years ago:

The 'videos' that are on youtube (just audio with a nice picture of Marcu):



Be Afraid

Music Transportation

Solon High School Talent Show

Live from Adelphia Cable Studios



I will also add our lyrics as I and Kevin remember them, so that hopefully we wont have to re-learn them a few more dozen times!



Any other random things I find that may be of intrerest and are relevant to world of Bitter Operations and Music Transportation will be added here.




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